Emily Laur, the creator of Long Dock Designs and Artisan Collective, is a designer from the small town of Southampton Ontario. She studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design, with a dedicated focus to textiles, and surface patterning. She is a nature enthusiast, and always evaluates her business decisions with an ethical and environmental conscious. Emily began her business adventure by hosting a series of Pop Up Shops. Favourites included: Pop Up Alley, Wintercraft and Loving Handmade. All of these shops featured the work of local artisans who all shared the same passion for craft.

Emily is currently working with over 15 different artisans and hopes to open a permanent retail location in Southampton. This is big talk, so for now you will find her and the collective hanging around odd places in town. When there is a vacant space, you might as well make use of it! If a tiny alleyway can be transformed into a beautiful artisan shop, who knows where the gang will pop up next! Stay current by following Long Dock Designs on Instagram or Facebook!

Thank you for your support to the community of Southampton!

Until next time,

Long Dock Designs and Artisan Co.